• Introducing the MEERMARK M17 - simple, safe & fun for everyone

    Bringing the joy of safe, yet fast wind powered boats to non sailors and experienced sailors alike.

    About the M17 sail boat
  • whether out on your local lake or as a resort guest, you’ll find the m17 to be easy, safe and fun!

    With only 1 sail controlled by 1 line and foot pedal steering you dont need to be an expert to enjoy sailing fast or athletic to sail it safely

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  • Designed by an award winning multi-hull designer, engineered and built in germany

    M17’s are available in a range of colours

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  • Coming to a hotel resort, sailing school or boat rental near you

    MEERMARK are expanding worldwide. Discover why you need to add the M17 to your fleet this season.

MEERMARK Launch the M17


    M17 Hull has now been granted full USA patent

Meermark are proud to launch the MEERMARK M17 sailing canoe, a sail boat that’s simple, safe and fun to sail for everyone!


Outrigger sailing canoes have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for sea travel and transportation throughout Indonesia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Africa and the Philippines. Some of the earliest examples of these common sailing boats are found in eighth century Buddhist reliefs on the island of Java.

The reasons that these boats have been used for well over a thousand years are their:

  1. Stability (due to their outriggers)
  2. Speed
  3. Simplicity

Because of these design elements, even though the canoes are very fast, they can also be paddled and sailed through a variety of waters.

The people who sailed these canoes had to cover great distances to reach their fishing grounds or to move between islands quickly, but they weren’t sophisticated sailors and didn’t need complicated sailing boats. What they needed was a sail with just one line for control when the wind was favorable, a set of paddles when the wind died down and a rudder to steer them toward their destination.

These three main tenants are what inspired our new M17 Sailing boat. We wanted to created a modern interpretation of these ancient, yet simple water canoes and at the same time, bring the joy of safe, yet fast wind-powered boats to the everyone that loves to sail non sailors or experienced sailors alike.